So what do you do when you’re out and about shopping in the city centre and you get hungry but want something nutritious or have a particular food allergy/diet yet all you can see around you are burger joints & the typical coffee house?
Well, when this happens there’s a few places I like to head to:

1) The Nutmeg (9 Lombard street-across from Dunnes)
First up is the local health food store, this small but lovely shop has all sorts of products and ingredients for the health food lover and also does speciality food such as vegan sandwiches, vegetable samosas, treats such as chocolate peanut butter balls, muffins, fifteens with most being gluten & dairy free. They also sell a few refrigerated products that you can take with you to eat on the go like coconut/soy yogurts and kefir.
This is also where I get my spelt pasta from, which I love!

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2) St Georges Market
This place for food is only available Fri-Sun and can be very tempting in regards to the more unhealthy food but if you make a bee line for the right stalls then it can be amazing. There’s lovely organic fruit & veg stalls where you can grab yourself some organic fruit to snack on as well as food for your week’s dinners but also smoothie/juice stands too with one that uses only organic ingredients. 
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A candied beetroot from one of my favourite fruit & veg stalls


If you’re needing something more substantial or have food allergies then there is a lovely “Check out my buns” stall that sells delicious allergy specific treats. My personal favourites are the choco peanut butter slices/balls or ginger & almond slices but it also boasts a variety of cookies, energy balls, courgette cake, berry oat slices and more! Again, the products are gluten, dairy & egg free or 2 out of the 3. Similar stands also sell a mix of savoury & sweet products specialising in being gluten free with food such as sausage rolls, brownies, scones etc.

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The choc salted caramel slice I got from C.O.M.B for my birthday!

If you can eat wheat then there’s other options which can also be lovely as I personally struggle to find a good wholemeal scone/wheaten/soda bread anywhere else in town but some of the bread stands here sell them. The wholemeal soda bread goes great with organic butter & a poached egg <3


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C.O.M.B stall at the market
3) Zenergii (centre of Castle Court)
This smoothie bar of course does the usual orders of smoothies/juices but now also offers things like juice shots which you wouldn’t find easily elsewhere in Belfast, I always thought I’d have to go to London for this kind of thing! You can choose from wheatgrass or turmeric/ginger. The turmeric shot tends to be mixed with some juiced ginger which is actually great as this helps the absorption of the turmeric which is awesome!
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Wheatgrass shot from Zenergii
4) Sawyers (Fountain centre, College St-back of Boots)
This shop can be a little bit more expensive than the others but does have a great deal of variety & supports local produce. Here they sell lovely local Irish oatcakes, cheeses, fish, a huge range of teas and spices with one of the most impressive products being their frozen meat products such as ostrich burgers etc. A great place to find a gift for any food lovers in your life.

5) Raw Food Rebellion (336 Lisburn Rd)
Lovely little place on the Lisburn road. This cafe is plant based, gluten free and suitable for vegans, it does a good variety of drinks, smoothies and mains, with tasty raw desserts and a selection of bliss/energy balls.
I highly recommend the chickpea salad or rebel black bean tacos, delish! Reasonably priced, with friendly staff. If you’re looking to sit in then try to choose off peak times as it gets quite popular around lunch time.

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Raw choc orange cheesecake & “mint aero” slice
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Rebel black bean tacos & chickpea salad
Let me know if anyone finds any other food gems in the city
Siobhan xXx