Healthier homemade salted caramel cashew butter crème egg

I’ve been loving the combination lately of cashew butter and some sweetness, it’s absolutely amazing! Plus as you’ll know if you’ve glanced at any of my recipes, I love to make my own chocolate treats so what better way or time to do it than Easter and by making a healthier version of a classic Easter treat -homemade creme egg!!

Healthier homemade salted caramel cashew butter crème egg Desserts vegan
I’ve also included a sugar free option to sweeten the fillings with and you can use a very dark/diabetic friendly chocolate meaning they can be tailored for anyone who needs a low sugar option, although even with the liquid sweeteners it’s still low sugar overall per egg with a much richer taste meaning you eat less of them while still getting your chocolate creamy centred hit!
Tip: I used silicon egg moulds that I found in the pound store

Healthier homemade salted caramel cashew butter crème egg Desserts vegan

Dark chocolate oozey goodness!

These are also a great thing to make with the kids to keep them occupied or for homemade Easter gifts and you could tailor them if needed, for example, add some orange oil extract for a choc orange flavour or colour the centre with something pink for a pop of colour (of course it would no longer resemble a creme egg, but would still look just as pretty).


Chocolate orange avocado (chocado) truffles!

When I first thought up this recipe I really hoped it would work well as I really wanted to create a soft, indulgent yet healthier chocolate truffle and what way to make that happen than by adding an entire avocado to the mix to give it a soft truffle like texture while getting all the skin and heart health benefits from both the avocado and cacao!

Chocolate orange avocado (chocado) truffles! Desserts energy balls snack vegan

Soft texture, rich flavours, guilt free indulgence

Chocolate truffle benefits
-Filled with antioxidants
-More fibre than standard truffles
-Lightly sweetened and dairy free
-Great for nourishing the skin

As I’ve made these multiple times, I discovered that if you have a nice powder handy such as a dry berry powder or lucuma (fruit powder that has a caramel like flavour) to roll the balls in then you can reduce the liquid sweetener as more flavour is gained from the powders and as it’s on the outside of the truffles it’s the first thing to hit your tongue, so it kind of tricks your taste buds into thinking it’s sweeter than it is. Coconut works well too if you prefer that flavour combo over a sweeter one.

Chocolate orange avocado (chocado) truffles! Desserts energy balls snack vegan


Sugar free shamrock shake

Ok, so let me start by explaining for anyone who doesn’t know what a shamrock shake is, it’s an American based minty green milkshake that a certain, highly famous burger chain created a while ago in celebration of St Patrick’s day.
If you missed it last year, check out my green St Patrick’s day omelette here.

Sugar free shamrock shake Breakfast Desserts vegan

As St Patrick’s day is approaching, I thought I’d create a healthier version using wholefoods and even better, make it sugar free!
After having to change up my diet to ease my gut issues it’s made me realise even more that not everyone can use standard ingredients or recipes which can be very frustrating and is why I’ve been wanting to create more sugar free recipes here for anyone who can’t, for whatever reason, tolerate traditional sweeteners, even the unrefined ones I tend to use such as honey or coconut sugar.
Plus, most shakes/smoothies tend to have a banana chucked in, which again, some people may need to omit or would like to change up every now and then so I’ve used liquid stevia drops in this recipe, reasons include:
-sugar free (so diabetics can use it)
-doesn’t cause digestive flare ups like other natural sweeteners may do
-doesn’t negatively alter gut bacteria like certain artificial sweeteners
-easier to measure out than uncut, green powdered stevia (which is the preferred form but as I mentioned harder to use and source)
As stevia is over 200 times sweeter than sugar you only need a little bit so measure it out carefully anytime you use it. You can find it online or in health food shops, try to find ones that aren’t diluted with other sweeteners and that are alcohol free.

Sugar free shamrock shake Breakfast Desserts vegan

creamy mint chocolate goodness


Single serving breakfast blueberry banana bread

Make this soft, sweet berry banana bread for breakfast when you’ve a morning with some free time (not one where you need to rush out the door as it needs time to cook) or else use it as a single serving sweet treat which means you don’t have to make a big batch of something which is then lying around tempting you for the rest of the week.
This also counts as 1/5 day, is loaded with fibre and you can add some protein to this recipe to help achieve a feeling of fullness.

Single serving breakfast blueberry banana bread Breakfast Desserts snack vegan

single serve banana bread/dessert


Beauty food pumpkin bars and healthy chocolate ganache

Fancy a soft, moist, pumpkin bar with a creamy chocolate ganache that is actually good for your skin too?!
Of course you do!

Snacks with benefits
These bars are flourless but filled with skin loving, vitamin A loaded pumpkin, creamy vitamin E filled almond butter and anti inflammatory spices.
Both vitamin A and E act as powerful antioxidants to help fight wrinkles/signs of ageing and vitamin E can help lock in moisture to give skin a softer quality. Plus the good fats from the almond butter, cacao and avocado all help to plump out the skin meaning fine lines are less apparent.
The cinnamon and ginger are not only good for digestion but also help control inflammation. These would be a great snack substitute for any teens that are trying to tackle diet based skin issues. I myself have always battled with my skin which is why I try to get a consistent intake of skin loving nutrients into my diet and after the Christmas period my skin has really needed some attention.

Beauty food pumpkin bars and healthy chocolate ganache Breakfast Desserts Lunch snack


Seriously hot Winter warming hot chocolate

This kickin’ hot chocolate recipe is just what you need to heat you up before you head out into the cold winter weather.
This recipe may sound strange at first but the combo of chilli and chocolate go so well together and lots of people enjoy it, it’s quite common in Mexico to add dark chocolate to homemade chilli, so give it a go and enjoy the warmth to counteract any dull winter weather.

Seriously hot Winter warming hot chocolate Desserts snack vegan