Easy & nourishing pomegranate kale salad with tahini lime marinade

Even if you’re kale-phobic chances are that you’ll like this salad due to the delicious, juicy pomegranate seeds which give a lovely pop but also lend loads of flavour to the kale base, plus the creamy tahini (sesame seed paste) lime dressing on the kale also covers the flavour meaning this is one dish that even the kale haters won’t have to force down!
If you’re not a lover of tahini either then you can sub it for almond butter.
To bulk out the rest of the salad I used leftover cucumber, sweet red pepper and flaked almonds but you can use whatever salad/veg you have in your fridge.

Nourishing nutritional benefits
Due to the mix of kale, tahini and almonds this salad is also a good source of plant based calcium for those who are dairy intolerant/vegan. See here for more info on plant based calcium.
Annnnnd the kale is also a good source of Vitamin K1 which is great for bones so it’s a double wammy in terms of bone benefits which is great for anyone who may be on a dairy free/vegan diet and finally the pomegranate seeds are an excellent source of antioxidants, so your body will love you for eating this one!

Easy & nourishing pomegranate kale salad with tahini lime marinade Dinner Lunch vegan


Healthier mexican nacho bowl with BBQ coconut flakes

So I bet when lots of you think about a nacho bowl you think of something loaded with cheese and that’s primarily where most of the flavour comes from?
Well not this one! And it’s dairy free!
I also added some roasted BBQ coconut flakes which add another dimension of flavour and a light crispy texture to this nacho bowl.

Healthier mexican nacho bowl with BBQ coconut flakes Dinner Lunch vegan

I also made the guacamole from scratch (although i didn’t have any tomatoes) and used the remainder of a homemade pickled chilli sauce too but you can always just add chopped chilli/chilli flakes if want to add a spicy kick.
The “nachos” that I used here were almond, flax and nutritional yeast based ones from Raw health but I’ve also used normal maize flour tortilla based “nachos” before, so choose your favourite but try to choose good quality ones with minimal ingredients.

Healthier mexican nacho bowl with BBQ coconut flakes Dinner Lunch vegan


Rosemary carrot chips with a creamy lemon garlic pea puree

Super nourishing, super simple and with easily sourced ingredients, how can you not love this one?!
This dip is simple but really quite tasty, it’s now in my top 3 favourite homemade dips and will definitely be a regular staple of mine and hopefully for you too. I used it as a dip for the “chips” but it would also work well as a spread for some crackers/oatcakes.

Rosemary carrot chips with a creamy lemon garlic pea puree Dinner Lunch vegan

Healthier carrot chips & creamy pea puree


Simple 20 minute pizza flavoured spaghetti sauce

This recipe is simple, tasty and quick. Let the tomatoes roast & pasta cook while you grab the other ingredients and then all you need to do is blend and serve up. Delicious, homemade, full of goodness pasta sauce with pizza flavours thanks to the cheese, basil & tomato combo.

Simple 20 minute pizza flavoured spaghetti sauce Dinner Lunch vegan
Healthy homemade pizza flavoured spaghetti sauce

Nutritious pizza flavoured sauce
You also get lovely lycopene (powerful antioxidant) nutrition from the cooked tomatoes here (better absorbed from cooked instead of raw toms) and at least 1/5 day, if not more, depending on what kind of pasta/spaghetti noodles you use. I’ve used carrot and courgette noodles in the past and also regular spelt pasta, they all taste great!

Simple 20 minute pizza flavoured spaghetti sauce Dinner Lunch vegan

Wholegrain spelt pasta, great partner for this pizza-esque sauce


Healthier fish n chips!

I love this recipe, it’s so simple with a naturally nourishing twist on the traditional fish & chips ingredients and leaves you feeling good afterwards because you know you’ve just nourished your body 💗   Healthier fish n chips! Dinner Lunch Uncategorized

Healthy herbed salmon and squash chips

The fish I chose to use is wild salmon, such a great food with amazing benefits for the heart, a great source of vitamin D and so tasty when paired with the herbs and lemon. For the chips, I used squash and cut it into typical chip shapes but you can of course also use sweet potato if you like or stick with butternut squash for a less stodgy version but still getting some great beta carotene (a form of vit A) in there. (more…)

Cheesy garlic green St Patrick’s day omelette

Why simply add spinach to your omelette when you can blend it and make it a St Patrick’s day green! A great way to start your St Patrick’s day (or a healthy breakfast for the morning after when the effects of the festivities begin to take their toll!) Plus it’ll be funny to see the looks on peoples faces when you tuck into a green omelette & they’re wondering how the heck you made it green, go on, you know you want to!

Cheesy garlic green St Patrick's day omelette Breakfast Dinner Lunch Uncategorized Green cheesy St Patrick’s day omelette