Super quick curry carrot lentil salad

This recipe really is super quick to make, I always have a pack of puy lentils in my cupboard for quick meals like this and this recipe is naturally nut free if you use the tahini option (this is ground sesame seed paste, it’s like the seed version of nut butter) which you can find in the world food section of the supermarket or at health stores but you can always just use almond butter if you aren’t allergic to nuts.
Furthermore, this meal counts as 2/5 a day with barely any effort, hooray for lazy girl cooking!

Super quick curry carrot lentil salad Dinner Grainfree Lunch vegan

If you aren’t making this for two people then the second portion makes a great lunch for the next day too.
Let me know what kind of curry combos you guys use if you try it.


Moroccan lentil omelette

Tired of your boring same old omelette?
Then spice it up (literally and metaphorically) with this Moroccan version which uses cumin, hummus for creamy decadence and added lentils which not only bulk it out with added veg but provide some plant protein and fibre to the dish as well!

Moroccan lentil omelette Breakfast Dinner Grainfree Lunch

Brilliant beans and lovable lentils
Lentils and pulses/beans are such a great food staple, they’re cheap, packed with a type of fibre that your gut loves and most give a decent protein hit too which all means they also keep you full.
Another bonus is that beans and pulses can blunt energy release when paired with high carb foods, so if you’re having that white rice then one way to blunt the insulin spike is to add beans, which is a delicious way if you ask me.
This is because the beans will block an enzyme that’s needed to break down the starch and carbs in the other foods meaning you don’t get as much of an energy spike, woo!
A study across various countries examining bean/pulse intake in elderly people found that regardless of what country they came from (which is interesting as diets can vary widely) for each 20g increase in bean/pulse consumption this led to a 7-8% decrease in mortality, so eat up folks!


Chickpea veggie slices

I often wonder if it’s just me but when I make food into slices it automatically makes it seem more interesting/fun, but what I also love about this recipe is that it’s so easy to throw together, is jam packed full of plants and spices plus it means you can use up whatever veg you have lying around the fridge or freezer.

Chickpea veggie slices Dinner Lunch snack vegan
Gram Flour
For this recipe I used mostly chickpea flour/gram flour which can be easily found in the World section of the supermarket so don’t fret and is quite cheap too as it’s made from chickpeas (can also include split peas) but also gives extra fibre and protein to the recipe which is a bonus. I wouldn’t recommend substituting this flour as it’s quite absorbent and gives a thickness to the recipe which is fairly unique and can’t really be mimicked by any other flour that I’m aware of.

Chickpea veggie slices Dinner Lunch snack vegan

Chickpea veggie slices Dinner Lunch snack vegan

Mix of split peas & chickpeas

Serving suggestion: I like to serve these with a drizzle of chilli infused oil or hummus and an extra sprinkling of nutritional yeast on top of some salad leaves. You can also use a thick yogurt & chipotle paste dip.


Savoury squash/pumpkin pancakes

As it’s coming up to Halloween in the next few weeks you’ll have access to/probably end up with lots of leftover pumpkin or squash which means this is a great savoury pancake recipe to use it up in and also makes a tasty, nourishing dinner.
I’ve also included a “cheats” version here for anyone who doesn’t have the time to cook the squash beforehand or maybe never roasts a bunch in the first place to have any leftover, so don’t worry I’ve got you covered, which means even time poor people don’t need to miss out on this one.

Savoury squash/pumpkin pancakes Dinner Lunch

Cheats version
For this I use baby food purees, it may seem strange but I think these are a god send sometimes! You can pick up purees from the supermarkets in the baby food section which makes this recipe super easy and I think a great way to enable folks to make quick, homemade food without much fuss. If you can find it, you could also use canned pumpkin.

Savoury squash/pumpkin pancakes Dinner Lunch


Chipotle avocado “mayo” with crispy courgette chips

Once you try this recipe you’ll love finding cheap ripe avocados in the supermarket that are like 8p so you can make it! That’s how this recipe came about plus the ripe, softer avos are the perfect ones to use as you’ll get a smoother result without lumps, although even with lumps it’s still da bomb!
I was honestly sweating when eating this, so although 1 teaspoon doesn’t sound like much, definitely taste as you go along making it and adjust to your tastes if you do somehow want it hotter!

Chipotle avocado "mayo" with crispy courgette chips Dinner Grainfree Lunch

               Creamy, spicy, hella hot!


savoury sweet potato rostis

What’s not to love about sweet potato, creamy avo and a runny yolk centre!?
This rosti recipe makes a great, easy savoury meal for anytime of the day, use it as a post workout meal in the morning or evening, with a good mix of complex carbs, healthy fats and lean protein, plus, the addition of a hot sauce will really help perk you up in the morning too!

Recommendation: I like to mash up some avocado or yogurt with a hot sauce to spread over these and also helps to keep the dish really moist and lovely but you can tailor these to your own tastes simply by adjusting the spices to whichever ones you prefer and using how much of them you like.

savoury sweet potato rostis Breakfast Dinner Grainfree Lunch