Spicy egg fried cauli “rice” with avocado

This faux egg fried “rice” dish is such a good way to sneak some cauliflower into your meals while at the same time reducing your intake of white rice/refined white carbs in favour of a higher fibre option.
The spices, creamy avocado and eggs really add flavour to this dish so don’t worry about any weird cauliflower taste (because let’s face it who likes bland cauliflower?), honestly, this is one of my favourite ways to consume cauli (and it’s one of my most hated veg!)
Cauli haters just try this dish ONCE just to see how tasty it can be, then thank me after lol!

I cannot stress enough how important the spices are here, plus a good hot sauce really lifts it, don’t leave them out, especially the ginger as it’s what adds flavour, the tamari/soy sauce adds lovely salty umami flavours too so I urge you to follow the recipe closely as if you don’t it’s basically plain cauliflower. The avocado really compliments this well too and bulks out the meal so please also have a ripe one handy if you plan to make this.

Spicy egg fried cauli "rice" with avocado Breakfast Dinner Lunch



Heart healthy red velvet beetroot pancakes

Keep your loved one healthy and happy this Valentine’s day with these beetroot pancakes that are good for the heart (and liver) plus they contain lots of fibre and antioxidants too. Oh and lets not forget yummy as well!

Heart healthy red velvet beetroot pancakes Breakfast Lunch

Beets are great for the heart but also provide great support to the liver thanks to the antioxidant betalain and the ability to form nitrates, it can aid blood pressure and liver health. The oats in this recipe pack a good fibre hit (including soluble fibre that forms a gel in your gut and can absorb bad cholesterol) and the cacao gives a chocolate taste alongside magnesium and antioxidants without any refined sugar. A great breakfast for anyone to wake up to.

Beet cheat
Using vac pack beets may seem like a cheat but this method actually locks in and doubles the level of antioxidants compared to most other standard cooking methods so don’t feel guilty about the lack of effort cooking it, yay!

Heart healthy red velvet beetroot pancakes Breakfast Lunch

packed with fibre

I’ve also given options below for a sugar free version for anyone who needs it. I prefer Natvia granulated and liquid stevia as they don’t cause me any digestive upset like most other options do but choose whichever options work for you.


Supergreen “Hulk” dip

I threw together this dip in a rush one evening and couldn’t get over just how good it tasted!!
I promise it tastes waaaay better than it looks, the peas are mildly sweet, the avocado gives creaminess and the lemon and garlic are strong flavours which work really well together.

I love the deep green colour it has which comes from the spirulina powder and is why I called it the “Hulk” dip, this is also probably a good thing to call it for a chance that kids will eat it haha.
You can use it as a healthy dip or spread it on oatcakes or some sourdough toast, move over smashed avo!

Supergreen "Hulk" dip Lunch snack vegan

It’s actually so delicious!

There’s loads of benefits to this dip (aside from flavour), to begin, it’s great for immunity because of the vitamin C rich lemon juice, the raw garlic and cayenne pepper. there’s B vitamins in the peas, avocado and spirulina which are great for energy and the good fats and lemon juice are good for skin too.
As I mentioned in my recipe for banana PB spirulina flapjacks, lots of people buy ingredients like spirulina and don’t know how to use it so this is another one to help you use it up, plus the flavour is covered completely by the dominant garlic & lemon.


Spirulina spiked peanut butter banana flapjacks

Ever bought a green powder like spirulina, used it once then left it in the back of the cupboard not knowing what else to do with it? I know loads of people who’ve done this or don’t know what else to add the powders to other than smoothies so here’s one of my favourite ways to use the algae spirulina.
This recipe is a great way to use and mask the unique flavour of spirulina because of the dominant tastes of banana and peanut butter, plus there’s a good thick texture from the oats too which tops it all off.

Spirulina spiked peanut butter banana flapjacks Breakfast Lunch snack vegan

Different brands of spirulina will have different levels of nutrition as this depends on where it was grown but in general it’s a source of Vitamin B12 (although not all of it in an easily used form so not to be the only B12 source in a diet), other B vitamins, iron, vitamin A, magnesium and chlorophyll, hence its dark green colour. Algae such as spirulina are concentrated into supplements in order to provide plant sources of the essential fatty acids EPA & DHA which would otherwise need to come from oily fish sources.
Some animal studies also suggest that it’s beneficial for heart health by improving blood pressure and cholesterol. Scientists have even fed it to malnourished children in Africa, so while you can’t expect it to work miracles if the rest of your diet and lifestyle is awful it can definitely be a good nutritional, body booster.

Spirulina spiked peanut butter banana flapjacks Breakfast Lunch snack vegan

Make sure to buy quality, organic spirulina that has gone through testing for contamination, EU brands have to follow certain regulations which is a good safety net but if you’re unsure then ask the brand before you buy, better safe than sorry.


Leftover pumpkin mac and cheese

Got leftover pumpkins/pumpkin flesh from Halloween and don’t want to waste it?
Whip up this comforting, nutritious, healthier mac and cheese in under 30mins then feel smug because you didn’t waste any of that pumpkin!

Comfort food with benefits
The combination of melted cheese and pasta makes this dish proper comfort food during colder weather but you also get nutrition from the pumpkin, fibre from the wholegrain pasta and I share a tip on how to maximise the benefits from the garlic, also make sure to include the black pepper as it helps the absorption of other nutrients so you can really maximise the goodness of this dish.

Leftover pumpkin mac and cheese Dinner Lunch

For other pumpkin/squash recipes check out my savoury chilli cheese scones  or pumpkin bars with chocolate ganache or no bake pumpkin brownies 


Savoury chilli cheese pumpkin scones

Savoury scones with a hick of chilli to complement the cheese and pumpkin.
I’ve wanted to do a savoury scone for a while now and this seemed like a good combo, I’ve been cooking with a lot of pumpkin and squashes as it’s nearly Halloween time so there’s an abundance of them around and this is a good way to use them up, especially if you’ve leftover pumpkin innards from carving.

Savoury chilli cheese pumpkin scones Breakfast Lunch snack

I’ve made my scone recipe many times and tried various flours but the one I always come back to is spelt, it’s wholegrain meaning high fibre, it has some gluten but less than wheat flour meaning you still get good texture but is easier to digest and doesn’t absorb as much liquid as other flours and has a nice flavour when cooked.
You can now find spelt flour in lots of places including supermarkets and health food stores.

A tip on cooking your pumpkin flesh, I found it best to steam it, this introduces more moisture than baking it which then gets added to the flour mix and helps it stay more moist and also means it blends better so that you won’t get any big lumps of pumpkin in your bite of scone!
You can also do this on a night where you’re steaming other veg then leave it to cool and store it for a few days in the fridge until you’re ready to make this recipe.

Savoury chilli cheese pumpkin scones Breakfast Lunch snack