Savoury kale crepes

Who doesn’t love a crepe?
Although most tend to be sweet I have had one or two fantastic savoury ones which inspired me to make my own version.

I decided to up the nutrition by adding some fresh kale (you can also use spinach) into the batter mix which I think is a great way to sneak this green leafy goodness into your meals without noticing it, trust me, once your toppings are inside you don’t notice it at all! This is such a healthy, fun, easy way to squeeze lots of veg and goodness into your day so definitely give it a go!

Savoury kale crepes Breakfast Dinner Lunch


Cheesy garlic bean & rocket pea “pasta”

I found some great pea and lentil based “pasta” in Sainsbury’s and couldn’t wait to try them out, what I love is that an average serving counts as 1/5 day! Combine this with the beans and you’ve got 2 portions of veg in one meal PLUS they’re organic and suitable for anyone who can’t have gluten.
If you can’t find these then feel free to use any pasta of choice, Sainsbury’s also do a great selection of wholegrain *spelt pasta/noodles for only £1.15.
*Note: Spelt contains gluten

Cheesy garlic bean & rocket pea “pasta” Dinner Lunch vegan

Grain free high fibre pea pasta

This is a lovely, simple, nutritious meal that can be whipped up in under 20mins and is packed full of the good stuff including:
-high fibre
-plant protein
-heart loving compounds in the legumes, garlic, olive oil and rocket

Cheesy garlic bean & rocket pea “pasta” Dinner Lunch vegan

Wholemeal spelt pasta


Halloween pumpkin pie banana bread

Put that pumpkin flesh to good use this Halloween when all the carving is done.
This easy to make, naturally sweetened, nutritious, pumpkin pie spiced banana bread is such a great treat to whip up for the Halloween evening time meaning you get some proper food into you before indulging in some treats.

Halloween pumpkin pie banana bread Breakfast Desserts Lunch snack

Tip: You can use precooked canned pumpkin or squash if you want to make this at another time but don’t have any pumpkin-win!
For other pumpkin/squash recipes to use your leftovers in check out my:
spiced squash loaf cake
cashew butter squash flapjacks
mini pecan pumpkin pies

Halloween pumpkin pie banana bread Breakfast Desserts Lunch snack


1 pan pizzafied baked beans

You’re going to love this homemade, healthier baked bean dinner that’s packed with the flavours of a typical Italian pizza, nom nom!
✔Can be prepped and cooked in 30mins
✔Only requires 1 dish to cook in
✔Can count as up to 4/5 day depending on what you choose to serve it with
✔Easy to find ingredients

So delicious yet so full of nutrition, fibre and protein plus there’s practically no work required, the oven does most of it for you which is why it’s going to be a regular on my weekly dinner list.

1 pan pizzafied baked beans Dinner Lunch


Autumn spiced baked fig & apple yogurt bowl

This recipe is perfect for the autumn/winter times of year due to the warming spices that somehow manage to bring a sense of comfort to you when it’s cold outside. Not only that but the spices are great anti-inflammatory foods and contain beneficial antioxidants too, all great especially as people tend to feel a little run down in the colder months.

Autumn spiced baked fig & apple yogurt bowl Breakfast Lunch snack vegan

I’ve made this recipe a few times now and although it’s optional I really liked the addition of some cinnamon flaxseed from Linwoods, plus this helps to boost the beneficial omega 3 fat content (which can be increased further if you use an organic dairy yogurt).
Autumn spiced baked fig & apple yogurt bowl Breakfast Lunch snack vegan


Warming spiced pumpkin apple soup (vegan)

This warming bowl of sweet spiced soup is perfect for this time of year, it fills your belly and warms your body which is just what we need when the weather outside is rubbish.

Benefits: The pumpkin/squash in this recipe is filled with skin loving vitamin A some of which is fat soluble, so to really benefit from it make sure to include the almond butter or another good fat source. The spices in this recipe are also great for skin due to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, plus you get some vitamin C from the fruit and veg which is helpful for skin elasticity but also your immune system which can take a hit this time of year, plus it’s 2/5 a day so eat up folks!

Warming spiced pumpkin apple soup (vegan) Dinner Lunch vegan