A simple spiced no bake fruit and nut tart

This recipe is really simple, I promise. Plus, you can get the ingredients at pretty much any shop and can use whatever fresh fruit you can get your hands on/needs to be used up.
Another major bonus is that it doesn’t require any cooking and if you don’t mind a slightly crumbly base then it can be eaten straight away, woo hoo!
It would also be a great thing to bring to a party/bbq as it’s gluten free and if using a non dairy based thick yogurt then it’s suitable for those with dairy allergies too, plus by using lots of different coloured fruit it can look really pretty so is bound to impress!

A simple spiced no bake fruit and nut tart Desserts snack vegan


Bikini body summer smoothie

So it comes to that time of year again when everyone is trying to get that bikini body for their holidays. I still see lots of people, especially women, reaching for all sorts of expensive potions and processed shakes to achieve this, but let’s keep in mind that these are short term fixes (if they even work at all!) and usually involve some sort of laxative effect….fun.
So why not try a real food, nutritious way of starting your day combined with a good exercise plan for the time leading up to your holidays and actually properly care for and nourish your body this year? Go on, your body deserves it.

Bikini body summer smoothie Advice Breakfast snack vegan

I designed this smoothie based on foods that have beneficial effects on metabolism and exercise performance (see below for more details) meaning it’s great to have first thing in the morning and best combined with some exercise. Don’t forget to fill the rest of your day with wholesome nutritious meals as well, try my avocado pesto, green omelette, chilli Pb stirfry or rainbow summer squash salad.


Healthier cherry bakewell buns 2 ways- paleo or wholegrain

I purposely made this recipe with two different flours meaning it’s suitable for many different types of diets/requirements.
I’m quite fond of spelt flour but this time I used buckwheat flour instead so that it would be gluten free, I’ve also included a coconut flour recipe meaning that this version is grain and gluten free but also lower carb and suits paleo/grain free diets.

Healthier cherry bakewell buns 2 ways- paleo or wholegrain Breakfast Desserts Lunch snack

Coconut flour low carb version

Healthier cherry bakewell buns 2 ways- paleo or wholegrain Breakfast Desserts Lunch snack

Healthier Buns
Out of curiosity I decided to look into the specific nutrition of each version using an online nutrition calculator and found that they are far lower in sugar, calories and fat than your typical store bought ones, plus they’re made with real food ingredients and sweetened mostly (or completely if you omit the honey) with fresh fruit making them a far healthier option in my opinion and also contain quite a bit of fibre to boot!
For the calculation I used the options of 1 tspn honey and medium fat milk, the results per bun are:
Buckwheat version
-122 calories
-12g carbs
-4.7g sugar
-6.6g fat
Coconut version
-103 calories
-8.2g carbs
-4.9g sugar
-6.7g fat

Healthier cherry bakewell buns 2 ways- paleo or wholegrain Breakfast Desserts Lunch snack

Buckwheat flour version

Healthier cherry bakewell buns 2 ways- paleo or wholegrain Breakfast Desserts Lunch snack

Recipe Notes
The major key to the distinctive bakewell taste of this recipe is the almond extract as this gives the unique marzipan flavour, without it they’ll still be nice buns but the flavour won’t be as good or as distinctive so I highly recommend getting it which should be easy as I found mine in a big Tesco store in the baking aisle.

I used a reduced fat  coconut flour meaning that you need to source yours carefully as some still have all the fat in it meaning the recipe won’t work the same. I used The Groovy Food company’s coconut flour which I managed to find in a large Tesco store on offer too! So do keep an eye out for it, you don’t always have to go to health food shops to get ingredients like this anymore.
As always I prefer to use as little added sweetness as possible so I’ve tried this recipe with and without honey so simply adjust it to your sweet tooth.
As mentioned before I used buckwheat flour this time so it would be gluten free but if you only have spelt flour then that will work too.Healthier cherry bakewell buns 2 ways- paleo or wholegrain Breakfast Desserts Lunch snack


4 ingredient sinless sundae with a simple blueberry sauce

My previous sinless sundae was a big hit with lots of people, it’s still one of the most popular posts on the blog so I’m hoping you guys like this one just as much!
It’s easy to make, only requiring 4 ingredients and a small food processor plus tastes just as good as any premade/processed dessert. If you don’t already have pre-frozen bananas then make them up first/a few hours before.

4 ingredient sinless sundae with a simple blueberry sauce Breakfast Desserts snack vegan

A guilt free delicious sundae

This sundae has a chia/flax seed base and the simplest, warm, juicy blueberry sauce to top it off which contrasts beautifully with the cold banana soft serve nicecream, it’s a seriously good combo, super healthy and actually quite low in calories and fat, bonus! (more…)

Energising banana maca matcha chia pudding

So just for funsies try saying the name of this dish 3 times fast! =)

This energising chia pud is easy to throw together the night before, so that you have a quick breakfast the next day and one that will keep you focused for the day ahead. Matcha (green tea powder) is great for energy as it has some caffeine but not loads so won’t leave you feeling jittery, it is also full of antioxidants, ready to help you with any stressful situations that may come your way. The maca powder is optional but I personally love the taste of it with the banana plus it contains some B vitamins and iron which also help with energy.
*As maca may balance out hormones, if you’re on HRT then speak to your doctor before you start long term use, also, as matcha can speed metabolism, those with thyroid issues should talk to their doctor before regular use.

Energising banana maca matcha chia pudding Breakfast snack vegan (more…)

Healthy blueberry pie smoothie

A simple yet yummy smoothie to keep you going for a few hours in the morning. This smoothie has a good balance of fruit, fats and fibre and the ingredients are easy to get hold of, most of which you’ll probably already have in your kitchen making it a great speedy breakfast.

Healthy blueberry pie smoothie Breakfast snack vegan

If you make this for later in the day be aware that it will thicken over time as the flaxseed absorbs some of the moisture, this is perfectly fine, I’m just letting y’all know incase you’re wondering why the consistency suddenly changed!
I love using flaxseed in my breakfast, it goes so well with some yogurt, berries and nut butter and also great for bulking out smoothies plus you get a good omega 3 fat hit from it, which is a type of beneficial anti-inflammatory fat that most of us tend not to get enough of, but if you don’t have this then just sub it with any seeds you have in your cupboards. (more…)