Healthy “black forest” cherry chocolate smoothie!

Fancy dessert for breakfast with all of the flavours and creaminess with the bonus of it counting as 3 of your 5 a day?
Of course you do!
Here’s my take on the smoothie version of a black forest gateau with the creaminess coming from avocado and the rich chocolate flavour from cacao powder, but you can use unsweetened cocoa powder if you like.
Benefits: You get a fair antioxidant hit from the berries and cacao plus the avocado and cacao are great for skin, making this a tasty and nourishing brekkie!

Healthy "black forest" cherry chocolate smoothie! Breakfast snack vegan


20 min 1 pot veg packed lentil, cauliflower and mango dhal

This quick meal is not only tasty and cheap to make but uber healthy too thanks to the 6 different fruit/veg meaning it’s packed full of plant based goodness. There’s way too much to mention in detail so I’m just going to quickly summarise the main benefits below:
*Easily sourced cheap ingredients
*Lots of fibre = filling
*Protein from the lentils and peas
*Cruciferous veg from the cauliflower
*vit A and C from the mango
*Filled with plant based antioxidant goodness

Quick, cheap AND healthy, you have no excuse not to try this!
An optional but added bonus is the turmeric at the end which can help with digestion and is highly anti inflammatory especially as its absorption is greatly increased by the addition of black pepper.

20 min 1 pot veg packed lentil, cauliflower and mango dhal Dinner Lunch vegan


Easy & nourishing pomegranate kale salad with tahini lime marinade

Even if you’re kale-phobic chances are that you’ll like this salad due to the delicious, juicy pomegranate seeds which give a lovely pop but also lend loads of flavour to the kale base, plus the creamy tahini (sesame seed paste) lime dressing on the kale also covers the flavour meaning this is one dish that even the kale haters won’t have to force down!
If you’re not a lover of tahini either then you can sub it for almond butter.
To bulk out the rest of the salad I used leftover cucumber, sweet red pepper and flaked almonds but you can use whatever salad/veg you have in your fridge.

Nourishing nutritional benefits
Due to the mix of kale, tahini and almonds this salad is also a good source of plant based calcium for those who are dairy intolerant/vegan. See here for more info on plant based calcium.
Annnnnd the kale is also a good source of Vitamin K1 which is great for bones so it’s a double wammy in terms of bone benefits which is great for anyone who may be on a dairy free/vegan diet and finally the pomegranate seeds are an excellent source of antioxidants, so your body will love you for eating this one!

Easy & nourishing pomegranate kale salad with tahini lime marinade Dinner Lunch vegan


A simple spiced no bake fruit and nut tart

This recipe is really simple, I promise. Plus, you can get the ingredients at pretty much any shop and can use whatever fresh fruit you can get your hands on/needs to be used up.
Another major bonus is that it doesn’t require any cooking and if you don’t mind a slightly crumbly base then it can be eaten straight away, woo hoo!
It would also be a great thing to bring to a party/bbq as it’s gluten free and if using a non dairy based thick yogurt then it’s suitable for those with dairy allergies too, plus by using lots of different coloured fruit it can look really pretty so is bound to impress!

A simple spiced no bake fruit and nut tart Desserts snack vegan


Bikini body summer smoothie

So it comes to that time of year again when everyone is trying to get that bikini body for their holidays. I still see lots of people, especially women, reaching for all sorts of expensive potions and processed shakes to achieve this, but let’s keep in mind that these are short term fixes (if they even work at all!) and usually┬áinvolve some sort of laxative effect….fun.
So why not try a real food, nutritious way of starting your day combined with a good exercise plan for the time leading up to your holidays and actually properly care for and nourish your body this year? Go on, your body deserves it.

Bikini body summer smoothie Advice Breakfast snack vegan

I designed this smoothie based on foods that have beneficial effects on metabolism and exercise performance (see below for more details) meaning it’s great to have first thing in the morning and best combined with some exercise. Don’t forget to fill the rest of your day with wholesome nutritious meals as well, try my avocado pesto, green omelette, chilli Pb stirfry or rainbow summer squash salad.


Healthier mexican nacho bowl with BBQ coconut flakes

So I bet when lots of you think about a nacho bowl you think of something loaded with cheese and that’s primarily where most of the flavour comes from?
Well not this one! And it’s dairy free!
I also added some roasted BBQ coconut flakes which add another dimension of flavour and a light crispy texture to this nacho bowl.

Healthier mexican nacho bowl with BBQ coconut flakes Dinner Lunch vegan

I also made the guacamole from scratch (although i didn’t have any tomatoes) and used the remainder of a homemade pickled chilli sauce too but you can always just add chopped chilli/chilli flakes if want to add a spicy kick.
The “nachos” that I used here were almond, flax and nutritional yeast based ones from Raw health but I’ve also used normal maize flour tortilla based “nachos” before, so choose your favourite but try to choose good quality ones with minimal ingredients.

Healthier mexican nacho bowl with BBQ coconut flakes Dinner Lunch vegan