Autumn spiced baked fig & apple yogurt bowl

This recipe is perfect for the autumn/winter times of year due to the warming spices that somehow manage to bring a sense of comfort to you when it’s cold outside. Not only that but the spices are great anti-inflammatory foods and contain beneficial antioxidants too, all great especially as people tend to feel a little run down in the colder months.

Autumn spiced baked fig & apple yogurt bowl Breakfast Lunch snack vegan

I’ve made this recipe a few times now and although it’s optional I really liked the addition of some cinnamon flaxseed from Linwoods, plus this helps to boost the beneficial omega 3 fat content (which can be increased further if you use an organic dairy yogurt).
Autumn spiced baked fig & apple yogurt bowl Breakfast Lunch snack vegan


Warming spiced pumpkin apple soup (vegan)

This warming bowl of sweet spiced soup is perfect for this time of year, it fills your belly and warms your body which is just what we need when the weather outside is rubbish.

Benefits: The pumpkin/squash in this recipe is filled with skin loving vitamin A some of which is fat soluble, so to really benefit from it make sure to include the almond butter or another good fat source. The spices in this recipe are also great for skin due to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, plus you get some vitamin C from the fruit and veg which is helpful for skin elasticity but also your immune system which can take a hit this time of year, plus it’s 2/5 a day so eat up folks!

Warming spiced pumpkin apple soup (vegan) Dinner Lunch vegan


Cinnamon raisin cashew quinoa porridge

Normally I’m not a big fan of quinoa but to diversify my food I do like to include it in some recipes where possible but because I’m not overly fond of the flavour I do prefer it to be in a recipe that’s sweet or has a lot of flavour running through it which is why I chose this recipe. The juicy raisins plus sweet, fragrant cinnamon provide great flavour plus a generous helping of creamy cashew butter finishes it off nicely.

Cinnamon raisin cashew quinoa porridge Breakfast vegan

I used the Pip & nut cinnamon cashew butter for extra flavour but plain cashew butter works fine too.
I’ve also used the new Pip & nut almond coconut milk that has no thickeners/emulsifiers, I found it really pleasant and with no separation between the milk and water even though there are no emulsifiers used in it. Thumbs up for this milk!

Cinnamon raisin cashew quinoa porridge Breakfast vegan


Low sugar creamy beet & baobab smoothie

I always try to balance out my smoothies with some greens such as spinach & good fats to balance out the sweet fruit but I’ve taken it one step further and created a smoothie recipe that is particularly low in sugar but still tasty and satisfying. This one is perfect for people who don’t like to use the sweeter fruits in smoothies.

Low sugar creamy beet & baobab smoothie Breakfast snack vegan

Sweet veggies!
The creaminess for this recipe comes from avocado, which not only provides good fats but also fibre, the natural sweetness comes from some cooked beetroot and some baobab powder. Veggies like carrots and beets are actually sweet but most people don’t notice this as their taste buds are very accumulated to highly processed sugary foods, but when you eat a raw carrot on its own you really notice how sweet it can be but they tend not to blend that well and beetroot is great for the liver but also for regulating blood pressure so I decided to use it instead.
I used the vacuum packed pre-cooked beetroots that you can now get in all supermarkets, just to make life easier.
The baobab also provides a mild citrusy sweetness without loads of sugar and gives you a decent dose of Vit C as well.
Tip: You can find baobab on the Aduna website, in Holland & Barrett stores or online at Amazon.

Give yourself time
If you’re still new to/adjusting to an eating pattern that’s real food based rather than your usual processed one then feel free to add some more baobab into the smoothie for flavour as you may need time for your taste buds to adjust to less sweetness.


Chipotle carrot chips with hummus

This “chip” dinner is definitely a winner!
It’s full of flavour and heat but also counts as 1/5 a day and is a lower carb version of the normal potato based one.
Benefits: The carrots are filled with skin loving and antioxidant packed Vitamin A, roasting carrots actually increases their antioxidant levels which is a bonus. See here for more info.

If you don’t have hummus you can serve it up with whatever dip/sauce you like, but to me hummus is Heaven and I’ll have it whenever I can so it’s my choice of dip here.

Chipotle carrot chips with hummus Dinner Lunch vegan


Bejewelled bean & creamy chipotle filled sweet potato

Creamy ✔
Spicy ✔
A pop of sweetness ✔
Protein and fibre packed ✔
2/5 a day ✔
What’s not to love?

Such an easy, tasty meal to whip up and depending on how you choose to cook it, it can be made in mere minutes!
This recipe is also super nutritious and a great one for after a workout with good carbs from the sweet potato, protein from the yogurt and beans and some great antioxidants from the pomegranates and Vitamin A in the sweet potato.
It can also be easily tailored for those with dairy allergies or vegans by using a dairy free yogurt.

Bejewelled bean & creamy chipotle filled sweet potato Dinner Lunch vegan