MissFits protein After Eight smoothie (sugar free)

I love using the MissFits nutrition pea protein powder sachets but it got even better when I combined their chocolate flavour with some avocado and peppermint extract because the result was a creamy, sugar free, high protein smoothie that tasted like the After eight chocolates!
A great choice for breakfast before a workout or as a recovery snack between the gym and your dinner later on that day.

MissFits protein After Eight smoothie (sugar free) Breakfast snack vegan

Why I like this protein
This brand of protein is naturally sweetened with stevia meaning you don’t need to add any fruit or sugar so it’s a great option for anyone looking for a low sugar smoothie and also a good option for when there’s no fresh fruit in your kitchen or you have a ripe avocado begging to be used up.
Also, it contains added green tea extract for an energy boost which is great in the morning but it also acts as an antioxidant that can help protect the body from any exercise induced stress, great for those who workout hard or regularly. Their added vitamin B12 is the natural and more bio available form (methlycobalamin) compared to most varieties that are not (cyanocobalamin). Another added bonus is the digestive enzymes which help you digest the protein and other compounds in your meal.

MissFits protein After Eight smoothie (sugar free) Breakfast snack vegan

Where to buy
These single serving sachets are really easy to get in Holland & Barrett and allow you to try each flavour out for yourself which I really recommend, so give this one a go and see what you think. They’re only 1.99 each and usually some kind of deal on them at the same time making them quite affordable to try before buying anything bigger. You can also get them online or at certain Tesco stores.


Power up plant plate

Forget the Buddha bowls and power up with this plate full of plant based goodness!
This makes a great post workout meal with a good mix of healthy carbs, fibre, plant protein and lots of nutrients and antioxidants to help you recover well.

This couldn’t be simpler to make, it takes only 5mins to throw together and makes a great lunch for the next day too. Although I used carrots here you could also use some fresh/cooked peas if you only had these in your fridge/freezer, they also help to up the protein content so don’t be afraid to free style this one with whatever you have in your kitchen at the time.

Optional add ins that I like are chilli powder/flakes to give it a kick and a sprinkle of shelled hemp seeds for omega 3 & 6 fatty goodness!

Power up plant plate Dinner Lunch vegan

Good mix of colours & nutrients


Creamy super greens soup

So what’s so super about this soup?
Well, firstly, it’s jam packed with allll the good stuff, green good stuff to be specific, hehe hence the name.
It’s made creamy with avocado, one of the most popular green foods but also includes a hefty dose of broccoli, one of the least loved green foods but one that’s so very good for us. Even I struggle to get as much broccoli as I’d like into my diet, partly because I hate the tough texture of it that always ends up stuck in my teeth, which is one reason why I like this soup so much, because it gets blended, removing this issue.

Creamy super greens soup Dinner Lunch vegan

“Soup”er nutrition!
Broccoli has so many health promoting compounds in it but some of the main ones are called glucosinolates which then become isothiocyanates (another helpful compound) via an enzyme reaction. These compounds are responsible for heart health, boosting antioxidant effects, promoting the formation of enzymes involved in the livers detox pathways and may help reduce the incidence of cancer.
To get the benefits of these compounds it’s best to consume the cruciferous veg (cabbage, rocket, kale etc) uncooked to enable the enzyme reaction to occur, but this isn’t always possible or pleasant so if you want to maximise on your cooked cruciferous veg then pair them with some raw rocket, watercress, mustard or horseradish as these foods will mimic the enzymes needed for the reaction to occur. But don’t worry you still get some benefit from consuming cooked veg so don’t use it as an excuse not to eat them!

The avocado is packed full of monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) and fibre which are helpful for the heart and vitamin E which is great for skin plus the good fats help you to absorb fat soluble vitamins.
The next super green in here is the humble pea, yes peas. They’re a great source of fibre, B vitamins and protein, finally, I included fresh basil to amp up the flavour and pair with the garlic and herbs in the veg stock.

Creamy super greens soup Dinner Lunch vegan

crackers & soup

All these foods are super nourishing and super accessible as well as affordable, no excuse not to make this soup in order to squeeze in more veg at the end of your day, especially if you’re other meals haven’t been as stellar.
I also give a few optional additions in the recipe below in order to help you boost its goodness but they’re completely optional, it’ll still be one of the healthiest soups out there!


Berry banana brownie breakfast bars

What better way to have a delicious, nourishing, quick breakfast ready to go when you are than by baking these brownie breakfast bars the night before!

Berry banana brownie breakfast bars Breakfast Lunch snack vegan

bursting blueberry breakfast brownies

They are made from jumbo oats, fresh blueberries, ripe bananas and a touch of cacao powder to give a decadent, chocolate taste and once baked they’ll provide you with a quick, healthy breakfast option in the mornings meaning it’s easier to get out the door. They’re also a great recipe to use up any overly ripe bananas you have hanging around your fruit bowl.
These taste best when slightly warm as the cacao chocolate flavour comes through more and with your favourite yogurt to contrast with the berries and rich cacao.

-No oil or eggs
-vegan & gluten free
-1 bowl
-No sweeteners, fruit only
-High fibre & portable

Berry banana brownie breakfast bars Breakfast Lunch snack vegan

Top with yogurt, fruit & cinnamon


Lemon chilli & oat bean nuggets

This is a great, quick, healthy meal made from simple ingredients that you can whip up within 15mins and when paired with a big plate of greens it’s highly nutritious too. It also makes a good meat free dinner/lunch option and is handy for when you haven’t been shopping in a while as we all tend to have some oats and beans tucked away somewhere in the cupboard.

Lemon chilli & oat bean nuggets Dinner Lunch vegan

I love using beans in cooking, they are such a nutritious cheap ingredient and are so versatile. I love the combo of chilli and lemon as it’s refreshing and full of flavour which is what you need to perk up plain beans.
To add more flavour I’ve created a creamy harrissa dressing, If you’ve never used harrissa before then you’re really missing out, It’s a spicy paste similar to chipotle which I’ve paired with creamy tahini/yogurt (choose your favourite) to create a lovely silky dressing for these nuggets which you definitely won’t want to leave out as it gives much needed moisture to the dish.


Healthier homemade salted caramel cashew butter crème egg

I’ve been loving the combination lately of cashew butter and some sweetness, it’s absolutely amazing! Plus as you’ll know if you’ve glanced at any of my recipes, I love to make my own chocolate treats so what better way or time to do it than Easter and by making a healthier version of a classic Easter treat -homemade creme egg!!

Healthier homemade salted caramel cashew butter crème egg Desserts vegan
I’ve also included a sugar free option to sweeten the fillings with and you can use a very dark/diabetic friendly chocolate meaning they can be tailored for anyone who needs a low sugar option, although even with the liquid sweeteners it’s still low sugar overall per egg with a much richer taste meaning you eat less of them while still getting your chocolate creamy centred hit!
Tip: I used silicon egg moulds that I found in the pound store

Healthier homemade salted caramel cashew butter crème egg Desserts vegan

Dark chocolate oozey goodness!

These are also a great thing to make with the kids to keep them occupied or for homemade Easter gifts and you could tailor them if needed, for example, add some orange oil extract for a choc orange flavour or colour the centre with something pink for a pop of colour (of course it would no longer resemble a creme egg, but would still look just as pretty).