Supergreen “Hulk” dip

I threw together this dip in a rush one evening and couldn’t get over just how good it tasted!!
I promise it tastes waaaay better than it looks, the peas are mildly sweet, the avocado gives creaminess and the lemon and garlic are strong flavours which work really well together.

I love the deep green colour it has which comes from the spirulina powder and is why I called it the “Hulk” dip, this is also probably a good thing to call it for a chance that kids will eat it haha.
You can use it as a healthy dip or spread it on oatcakes or some sourdough toast, move over smashed avo!

Supergreen "Hulk" dip Grainfree Lunch snack vegan

It’s actually so delicious!

There’s loads of benefits to this dip (aside from flavour), to begin, it’s great for immunity because of the vitamin C rich lemon juice, the raw garlic and cayenne pepper. there’s B vitamins in the peas, avocado and spirulina which are great for energy and the good fats and lemon juice are good for skin too.
As I mentioned in my recipe for banana PB spirulina flapjacks, lots of people buy ingredients like spirulina and don’t know how to use it so this is another one to help you use it up, plus the flavour is covered completely by the dominant garlic & lemon.


Easy banana nut butter super grain porridge

Most people tend to stick with the same wholegrains in their diet (wholewheat, oats, etc) out of habit, but you can still get in that fibre content while mixing up your nutrition with other grains too using this simple recipe that is tasty and helps cover the bland flavours of most grains due to the sweet banana and creamy nut butter. It’s also a good way to use up a spare overly ripe banana.

Easy banana nut butter super grain porridge Breakfast vegan

For this recipe I’ve tried both quinoa and millet. Both are naturally gluten free and high fibre, one main difference is that quinoa is a complete protein whereas millet is not, but it still has lots of goodness, just something to bare in mind for anyone getting their protein solely from plant sources.
You can now easily get quinoa in big supermarkets and millet in health food stores.

Notes: I prefer to soak my grains over night, as this helps with digestion and nutrient absorption however it isn’t necessary, so if you forget, it’s not a big deal. I also like to thin out the nut butter into a kind of sauce as it makes it more spreadable and I think blending the banana rather than just mashing it helps the flavour distribute¬†more evenly but it’s totally up to you. FYI Choosing ripe bananas with brown spots will give a sweeter taste.


Sugar free salted caramel cashew fudge

This stuff really is a dream to eat.
In fact, it’s so good that I rarely share it with anyone, normally I like to give my recipes to others to try and get feedback on them but when one turns out so delicious I usually just end up keeping it all to myself which is what happened with this one!
And yes, this IS healthy fudge!

Sugar free salted caramel cashew fudge Desserts Grainfree snack vegan

Made from pure cashew butter which is rich in fibre and good fats but also provides a source of iron, when it’s combined with coconut oil and left to set it firms it up and gives a lovely, thick fudge like texture.
Add in the coarse salt for savoury contrast and some lucuma powder for a mild sugar free “caramel” like taste and you’re on to a winner.

Sugar free salted caramel cashew fudge Desserts Grainfree snack vegan

Loco for lucuma
FYI, lucuma is a fruit that’s been slowly dried out and ground into a powder, it has a mild, sweet, almost caramel flavour which is why it works so well here, you can now get it online or in health food stores and I’ve even seen certain brands in the supermarkets!!
If you want to experiment with lower sugar recipes this is a great ingredient to have. I used Sevenhills wholefoods (find it on Amazon) organic lucuma as it was the brand lowest in overall natural sugar but other brands will work just the same.

Sugar free salted caramel cashew fudge Desserts Grainfree snack vegan


Spiced chocolate orange fruit & nut slices

It’s that festive time of year again and while I’ve had lots of ideas for recipes I wanted to make one that was easy for people to make so they wouldn’t be in the kitchen for ages (because there’s enough of that on xmas day anyway) but also¬†one that was very accessible in terms of ingredients and is a bit of a healthier treat too. Enter, chocolate orange spiced fruit and nut slices!

These slices are tasty, have a satisfying bite, are vegan and grain free (check your choc to be sure), contain some antioxidants from the spice and dark chocolate, plus the fruit and nuts provide fibre which can be lacking in the indulgent festive food. This all means you can feel smug when tucking into them hehe.

Spiced chocolate orange fruit & nut slices Desserts Grainfree vegan


Spirulina spiked peanut butter banana flapjacks

Ever bought a green powder like spirulina, used it once then left it in the back of the cupboard not knowing what else to do with it? I know loads of people who’ve done this or don’t know what else to add the powders to other than smoothies so here’s one of my favourite ways to use the algae spirulina.
This recipe is a great way to use and mask the unique flavour of spirulina because of the dominant tastes of banana and peanut butter, plus there’s a good thick texture from the oats too which tops it all off.

Spirulina spiked peanut butter banana flapjacks Breakfast Lunch snack vegan

Different brands of spirulina will have different levels of nutrition as this depends on where it was grown but in general it’s a source of Vitamin B12 (although not all of it in an easily used form so not to be the only B12 source in a diet), other B vitamins, iron, vitamin A, magnesium and chlorophyll, hence its dark green colour. Algae such as spirulina are concentrated into supplements in order to provide plant sources of the essential fatty acids EPA & DHA which would otherwise need to come from oily fish sources.
Some animal studies also suggest that it’s beneficial for heart health by improving blood pressure and cholesterol. Scientists have even fed it to malnourished children in Africa, so while you can’t expect it to work miracles if the rest of your diet and lifestyle is awful it can definitely be a good nutritional, body booster.

Spirulina spiked peanut butter banana flapjacks Breakfast Lunch snack vegan

Make sure to buy quality, organic spirulina that has gone through testing for contamination, EU brands have to follow certain regulations which is a good safety net but if you’re unsure then ask the brand before you buy, better safe than sorry.


Super quick curry carrot lentil salad

This recipe really is super quick to make, I always have a pack of puy lentils in my cupboard for quick meals like this and this recipe is naturally nut free if you use the tahini option (this is ground sesame seed paste, it’s like the seed version of nut butter) which you can find in the world food section of the supermarket or at health stores but you can always just use almond butter if you aren’t allergic to nuts.
Furthermore, this meal counts as 2/5 a day with barely any effort, hooray for lazy girl cooking!

Super quick curry carrot lentil salad Dinner Grainfree Lunch vegan

If you aren’t making this for two people then the second portion makes a great lunch for the next day too.
Let me know what kind of curry combos you guys use if you try it.